The Worlds Apart novels have been described as vivid, hilarious and reminiscent of

'The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy.'



About The Author


James Wittenbach began writing sci-fi because no one else was writing the kind of stories he wanted to read; fun stories with lots of plot and action. Stories that make you laugh, think, and wonder how it's going to end. Stories that set up expectations, only to  twist the ending.


He has spent almost two decades writing the Worlds Apart Series and creating such unforgettable characters as that one guy, and that other fella, and the chick with the rack (you know which one I'm talking about). While writing the books, he has raised three sons, moved to five different states; undergone a religious conversion; bought and sold three houses; worked on secret Government stuff; adopted a number cats; and visited three of Earth's continents.

The author was born and raised in Michigan, graduated from the University of Michigan where he had difficulty getting into creative writing classes because he wanted to write about heroes and spaceships instead of dysfunctional people coming to terms with things. He also  studied law in Oregon when he could have been doing something more worthwhile, like moving to Alaska and pestering Eskimos.


While in Arizona, he earned a Master's degree and got his employer to pay for it. He then spent twelve long years in the Prius-and-BMW-infested suburbs of the US Capital, but now he lives in Ohio and is recovering nicely from his experience.


His style has been compared to Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, and that's a compliment. He enjoys stuffing his books with references to culture, comic books, other sci fi series, and stuff so obscure not even he knows where it comes from. He says he  considers Space:1999 his greatest influence but no one believes him.


The author also feels weird writing about himself in the third person, but is far too insecure to ask someone else to do it.



Begin your Journey With the Book That Started It All!

Pegasus's first voyage is a disaster from the start.

When they finally arrive at Meridian, they find a planet where humans have been enslaved by insect-like aliens sharing a common hive-mind. They struggle to find a way to free the colonists from alien domination. But Pegasus's malfunctioning AI has different ideas.