2,000 years after the fall of the Galactic Commonwealth, the remote colonies of Sapphire and Republic have recovered star-flight technology and launched the mighty Pathfinder Ship Pegasus on a 300 year mission to rediscover humanity’s lost worlds.


The ship is led by Prime Commander Bill Keeler of Sapphire – a drunk whose sarcastic wit is exceeded only by his contempt for regulations. His conniving shrew of a First Officer, Goneril Lear, plots ineptly to take over the command she believes should have been hers. Rounding out the crew are a smokin' hot shuttle pilot, a Navigator who can see the future, a talking cat, a ghost, a wildly unstable Artificial Intelligence, and a teenage know-it-all for the readers to focus their hate on. Pegasus's crew of Sapphirean individualists and Republicker authoritarians will have to learn to work together to accomplish their mission. (It's like a mismatched roommate sitcom... in space!)


Each book takes the crew to a new and different world. 2,000 years of social evolution across 10,000 planets have produced a wildly divergent range of cultures. The worlds they encounter will often seem more alien than human.


Also, in the darkness between the stars, a terrifying enemy awaits. Just as part of humanity evolved toward greater enlightenment, another part became seductively savage and bent on conquest.

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